About Brent Haydey

Who is Brent Haydey?

I am the founder and President of Brent Haydey Enterprises, the company through which I deliver Entrepreneurial Freedom.

Throughout my life I have experienced an increasing pull to be a positive role model to my family and those I know. To be an inspiration and catalyst for change to all wanting to experience a success that really matters to them; real success!

I continually strive to walk my talk.

It is me living my ideal life.

This is my purpose, my meaning, my ikigai. It comes naturally as I focus on being a dedicated family man who embraces an active healthy lifestyle. All while growing a thriving business that I love. It brings joy to my days and allows me to contribute everywhere I want in a meaningful way. 

I am a teacher, trainer, coach, and mentor with extensive leadership experience in the health and wellness industry. My work as an occupational health and wellness consultant, kinesiologist, and personal trainer led naturally into the work I do today, which is all about helping people live their best lives—and optimizing their physical and mental health as they grow thriving businesses.

I am an avid runner, scuba diver, world traveller, and budding philanthropist. I am also a dedicated father, husband, and supporter of my elderly father. It’s a tall order for any entrepreneur. After a long professional and personal journey learning many hard lessons along the way, I get to do what I love every day. All the while having the freedom to spend quality time with my family and do the things I love to do.

I truly believe that such a life is available to any entrepreneur. I am confident that I can help you transform your business and your life to deliver the life you have always dreamt of as your business thrives!

Let’s get started with a FREE consultation… or join me in my online community. I look forward to our adventure together!