Benefits of Enjoying the Outdoors

OutdoorsI love being outdoors. In fact as I write this I am sitting on my back deck enjoying the warmth of the summer sun, the sound of a squirrel chirping, and the clean fresh air.

There are so many great benefits of enjoying the outdoors but I sometimes find it necessary to remind myself of them because I can get caught up in the daily grind of work like you or many others might.

I often speak about things like renewing your energy on a regular basis, taking micro breaks, nurture days, quarterly retreats, and going on vacation.

But why do any of these and why do so in the great outdoors?

Whether it’s a small micro break in your work day to step out for a few minutes or an outdoor focused vacation to the mountains or the ocean, getting outdoors might be exactly what you need.

5 Reasons I Love Enjoying The Outdoors

Be happier

After spending just a few minutes outdoors I find my mood improves, any anxiety or stress I had diminishes, and I feel happier. Simple as that!

Be healthier

By breathing in the clean fresh air, soaking up the vitamin D, and getting in some physical activity I know my energy will increase, I will sleep better, and I will be healthier. It forms a part of living an active, healthy lifestyle.

Restore my posture

After working in my office in front of my computer for too long I value the time to get up and move out in nature. It allows me to consciously counteract the significant problems of sitting disease. Breathing, moving, and being in nature allows me to walk and stand tall to reset my posture, get the circulation going, and quite literally… take a load off!

Get re-connected

A little social time when outdoors gives me the opportunity to nurture important relationships in a positive way. Lately at the end of the working day I head out for a walk with my wife, daughter, and our dog, Poppy! We walk around a pond, through a forest, and along the pathways in our neighbourhood. What a great time to chat about any number of things or just be together quietly as we walk.

Return Focused

Every time I come back from being outdoors I feel calm yet energized, creatively inspired, and much better able to focus on whatever comes next. My productivity soars. I am more creative, thinking more clearly, and better able to get things done… especially the important things.

Microbreaks are an easy way to start on your road of enjoying these benefits with small snippets of time outdoors. Just head outside from where you work or live. If you can find some natural areas, even better but just a change in scenery will be great.

Whenever you feel the impact of the daily grind, stop and catch yourself being tempted to just push through it. Listen to your body and what you’re feeling in that moment. Then take that micro break to experience the benefits and to come back rejuvenated.

Add outdoor time at lunch, for exercise, or to end your day. These are just longer breaks in the outdoors.

Once you have micro breaks happening effectively then take the next step of a full nurture day. If a vacation does not seem realistic but you want it to be then we need to talk. I’ll help you get there.

Soon you too will love your time in the great outdoors!

Make a life, not just a living!

Brent’s gentle and inspiring coaching style… has been instrumental in helping me reach my higher potential keeping me on track when I may have not had the belief in myself to do so.

Linda Kowalski