Best Afternoon Ever

“Dad, that was the best afternoon ever!”

Unsolicited, unexpected appreciation and unconditional love that totally validated the inner battle I went through and the freedom I needed to be able to make the decision I made to let everything else go and make that amazing afternoon happen.

image of best afternoon everRecently my daughter, Maya, and I spent the entire afternoon at a local recreation centre having a blast playing in the indoor playground, cruising around the lazy river (not so lazy) in the pool, riding the waves of the wave pool, taking an endless number of runs down the super fast water slide, and relaxing in the hot pool. Maya is becoming a bit of a speed demon!

Afterwards, heading home is when she said…

“Dad, that was the best afternoon ever!”

Words that melted my heart and solidified my motivation to make sure I continue to create the freedom to be able to easily say yes when opportunities like this come along.

But it was almost a no. As Maya was getting excited about rides on the water slide my little inner voice was chirping louder and louder.

… but you should be working on that project

… but you should be writing some blog posts

… but you should be arranging those meetings

… you should be working!

An underlying unconscious habit of always working and deferring fun, personal connection with others, and spending money to some point in the future that never really comes was trying to trip me up.

So how did I overcome that inner negative voice to say yes to the wonderful experience we had?


  • The freedom that an effective action plan for my business delivers.
  • The freedom that checks, balances, and accountability of integrating that plan into my life delivers.
  • The freedom that support in my business and in my life delivers.
  • The freedom that achieving and maintaining abundant health delivers.
  • The powerful freedom that instantly being able to connect with one of my deep whys delivers!

Ultimately the deep whys are what enabled me to shift in that instant. That day it was Maya. She is at the centre of a powerful inspiration that drives me to do what I do, do it how I do it, to be healthy, and to live more and more of my ideal life every day.

Best afternoon ever… until the next one!

Best money that I have ever spent on myself

So many times we get focused on the end result.  Brent has helped me see that what I learn along the journey is almost always more important than the actual end result.

Jeff McGinn