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Establish Your Self Care Routine With These 3 Simple Steps

Self Care Routine

How has your self care routine been going? Started but then slid off track? You’re not alone. Sometimes, despite your best intentions and efforts, things get in your way or derail what you started. These 3 simple steps that will help you establish your self care routine by creating time, being conscious of your intentional steps, and having the support to stay on track. To Establish Your Self Care Routine Do This! Step 1: Create Time For Your Self Care Routine Stephen Covey’s book, First Things First, highlights 4 quadrants in which you spend your time. Quadrant 4 is the …


Introverts Social Distancing – Not As Easy As You Might Think

When you think of introverts social distancing you might instantly think it’s natural for them. Easy peasy. A slam dunk. This is what they crave and want… all the time, right? There have been a ton of social media posts jokingly suggesting how perfectly suited introverts are for this COVID-19 pandemic. In some respects perhaps that’s true but because of how this has all panned out so far… no, not so much. I am an introvert but one that has learned to shift towards the middle and be more extroverted when I need or want to. At the same time …


Reclaim Health Now That You Have The Time – Here’s How

Taking steps to reclaim health is something that business owners know is important but is something that many continually bump from the daily list of “to dos” for things they see as higher priorities in the moment. Has this been been true for you? If you have shifted to working from home or your business has slowed considerably in light of COVID-19 and it’s global impact, then you may have “found time”. For entrepreneurs “found time” usually defaults to pouring yourself back into your business as there is always something to do.  This, however, is the perfect time to use …


Prioritizing Self Care and It’s Importance

Prioritizing self care is generally NOT something most business owners do, yet it should be at the very top of the list. Instead many business owners start, and often stay, firmly entrenched in the mindset of business first and that there will be time for everything else later. Work harder we’re told. Work longer they said. That is the path to success.  Then when you achieve success, generally meaning financial success, you can take the time to have a life. Well that way of thinking often gives way to this powerful quote… “So many people spend their health gaining wealth, …


Carrying Stress – Put The Glass Down

Are you a business owner who is constantly carrying stress everywhere you go? In doing so, does it pervade every aspect of your life? This 1 minute and 26 second video has been making the social media rounds recently and it caught my eye. Take a moment and watch it. It has a powerful message we all really need to be reminded of every now and then. Video credit to Knowable As I watched I thought about being overworked and overwhelmed at times in my own day to day life and the lives of many of my clients and so …