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ReStarting AGAIN!

How difficult have you found it to restart getting out to exercise after overcoming an illness?  Check out this video and I’ll tell you a little secret about the first step. [fvplayer src=”http://f4rsite.s3.amazonaws.com/RestartingAGAIN.mp4″ width=”480″ height=”360″ splash=”http://www.videouniversity.com/files/smpte2.gif”]

Weekday Vegetarian

Have you ever thought about being a vegetarian?  How about simply wanting or feeling a need to reduce something in your diet that does not support your healthy lifestyle goals? This video has some interesting ideas around food choices AND about eating habits and patterns.  Check out the video and ask yourself… What can I take from this and apply to my lifestyle right now? Whether it is being a vegetarian at one level or another OR it is simply being conscious of moderating certain things or aspects of our diet a change in this regard will make a HUGE …


Resolutions Again!

Did you make New Year’s resolutions again this year? If so you’re not alone.  Every year at this time of year an all to common occurrence happens.  It starts with this year I really resolve to … in the middle it might describe dieting, losing weight, starting an exercise program, joining a gym, stopping smoking, decreasing stress, being happier, getting a raise or a new job, starting a business, saving money and on and on and on.  Making resolutions again usually concludes with this time I really mean it.  This time it will be different. The most common resolutions are lifestyle related.  …


Winds of Change

The summer of 2009 has been one of significant change in our household.  We celebrated Maya’s 1st birthday by having some beautiful pictures taken, including several with her in the midst of a cake smashing frenzy.  Classic!  We took in some of Edmonton’s wonderful festivals, spent many hot sunny summer days with family and friends and, in many respects, just enjoyed the slower pace of summer. I did something else this summer.  Clearing!  Yup clearing and closing loops standing as speed bumps to living my ideal life.  What I’m talking about are all those things that I agreed to do …


Runnin’ Free

Oh winter in Alberta! We can always count on a very cold spell or two, thankfully followed by a nice warm up and usually pretty comfortable days with a beautiful blanket of snow to keep things frozen and clean. Hopefully the recent cold spell was the only one for this year. I love to run and running outside is where it is at for me. Last week that meant preparing for -22 degrees C with a media reported wind chill approaching -38 degrees C. I was ready for it. Three layers of pants plus 2 more of underwear, 3 shirts, …