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Lessons From Garth Brooks On Family And Business


Lessons From Garth Brooks On Family And Business “I don’t know who these 3 girls are but I’m about to find out.” join our community of entrepreneurs Ever hear of Garth Brooks? C’mon, of course you have. Even if you’re not much of a country music fan you’ve heard of him. I recently watched a documentary of his life story and took from it some very powerful lessons on family and business. Garth Brooks has been called a legend in his own time. He’s the best selling artist of all time in the US. During the 90’s he brought country …


The Trap Of Trading Time For Money

Trap of Trading Time

Trading Time For Money It’s A Trap! “There is another way… your way!” join our community of entrepreneurs Have you ever heard of the trap of trading time for money? Trading time for money starts out innocently enough. You get paid a fair wage for a hard days work. Put in your time, do a good job, and get paid. You might even get a raise now and then helping you feel like the system is working just fine. But when increases in wages don’t match increases in your cost of living a common tendency is to work more hours …


Work-Life Balance. Change This And Its Yours!


Is Work-life Balance a Myth? Not When Framed Right! “It’s a myth. That’s crazy. It’s just not possible.” JOIN OUR COMMUNITY OF ENTREPRENEURS Work-Life Balance! You’ve heard the term. You’ve probably formed an opinion about the concept. Maybe you talk about it with colleagues, in discussion groups, or even at home. “It’s a myth. That’s crazy. It’s just not possible.” Or… “sure it’s possible.” “I’d love to experience it.” Or, “I’m fully living it right now!”It’s been a buzz term for quite a long time and it’ll continue to be talked about as long as it remains elusive to most …


WOTY – Why You Need A Word Of The Year

What’s your word of the year, your WOTY? For the year ahead I have two. Voice & Value Last year it was… Abundance & Ask The year before that it was.. Focus Each is a power word that I use to keep front and centre in my mind. I use them to stay aligned with my vision, purpose, and values. They power me in how I carry out my day to day tasks, work on or in my business, and prioritize big game changing steps in my world.  I use them to help prioritize balance and harmony between my work …


Celebrate Anyway In A Safe, Healthy Way

The holiday season this year is going to be different. We already know that. How about choosing to have a creative celebration in a safe, responsible, and healthy way and celebrate anyway! One that you can fully embrace and enjoy for all that it can be, instead of spending too much time grieving what cannot be this year. Traditions are a wonderful thing and the holiday season is when many people have some of their favourites. There’s the annual office party, the massive family meal, taking the kids to see Santa at the mall, gathering at friends homes, and doing …