Entrepreneurial Forward – 5 Ways It Will Help Your Business And Your Life!

Entrepreneurial ForwardEntrepreneurial Forward began as an open and free FaceBook group for business owners who are navigating challenges in their world and also for entrepreneurs who are focused on creating opportunities as they progress forward one step at a time!

This community of business owners highlights a focus on creating success in business AND success in life in many areas aside from business. It’s not only about one or the other. It’s both.

It’s all about creating success in life with a thriving business as a healthy part of it!

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So why join Entrepreneurial Forward?

Well, if the above isn’t enough then here’s more.

I created Entrepreneurial Forward because in speaking with entrepreneurs over the years I have come to believe that many are not yet experiencing success in the way they hoped they would be at this point in time. They are not happy, not healthy, and not where they hoped they would be.

Perhaps you bootstrapped the start up of your business and, out of necessity, are doing everything for your business. In time all those roles have you overworked and overwhelmed. They just became the way things are done and what is expected as a business owner, even though you’d rather not be doing some (or many) of those roles. Does that resonate?

Perhaps as a result of working all the time, and rationalizing the need to do so, you find your health declining and are not happy about it or that you are missing out on important events in your children’s lives or that your relationship with your spouse or other important people is being set aside. 

I’ve experienced all of these and have suffered the resulting consequences. I’ve seen it in many others as well. 

It sucks but does not have to be that way.

Entrepreneurial Forward Break FreeTo break free to the change you need begins with support; support that comes with private coaching or a community of like minded people such as Entrepreneurial Forward.

I also created Entrepreneurial Forward because being stuck and overwhelmed can limit you when opportunities arise… and they always will. Nothing more frustrating than having a tremendous opportunity that you cannot act upon. Does this resonate?

Maybe that opportunity is for growth of your business in a new direction or to a new height. Then again, maybe the opportunity is to experience a family adventure of a lifetime. BUT in both instances it slides away because…

Heartbreaking, I know (and maybe not just for you)!

So if you’ve struggled before and wishing things were different at work or at home then now is the perfect time to address those struggles and to step onto the path that will lead to the success you want.

Our human nature is to follow the path of least resistance; the easy route. Unfortunately  that usually means back to old ways, old habits, and old patterns. Unfortunately it usually means allowing old limiting beliefs that no longer serve you and the success that you really want to maintain a stranglehold over you and your actions (or non actions). It means you will repeat your old history, once again.

Why Entrepreneurial Forward? So you don’t repeat a history you do not want!

Change nothing and nothing changes!

As you focus forward on your business and your life please take the time to clearly see what you need to do differently. If you feel I might be able to support you directly then please contact me and we can arrange a time for a free initial consultation to talk further. If becoming a part of a community of like minded entrepreneurs could be that first momentum building step of change to get you going then consider joining us at Entrepreneurial Forward.

Entrepreneurial Forward Success RockAs an entrepreneur you, like so many others, might hold things very deep inside. Your tendency might be NOT to open up, not to seek support, not to show weakness, vulnerability, or failure to anyone. A lot of pressure and stress can build up inside slowing you up or diverting your focus, energy, and time well off the path of your true goals. That has a negative impact over time. 

In Entrepreneurial Forward you can gain value from the privacy of your office or home, you can be as involved as you want (publicly or privately), you can watch and listen or actively comment and engage. However works best for you in the moment. 

If imagining what you could gain by being part of our community has you thinking this could be great…

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5 more value added reasons to consider joining Entrepreneurial Forward

  1. Focus Forward For Entrepreneurs – this is our weekly online accountability check in Zoom call to help you get on track, stay on track, be inspired, and take action.
  2. Valued Added Posts – on a variety of topics related to success in business and in life (some mine and some from experts in various fields)
  3. Coaching and Personal Insight – from Executive & Life Coach, Brent Haydey
  4. Interviews with the Experts – helpful insight directly from experts in industries related to success in business and in life!
  5. It’s FREE… for now!

Plus more new things will be added as time goes on!

Entrepreneurial Forward was created with the intent of eventually becoming a closed, private membership group. As of writing this blog post the target date is September 1, 2020. After this point some new, exclusive to members, services will be introduced to add even more value for members. 

The monthly fee has not yet been determined, however, it is expected to be a relatively nominal monthly fee. At such time that this community of entrepreneurs becomes closed and private you will have the opportunity to remain if you choose.

So consider joining now while it’s free and gain access to the support you need to begin to move forward towards the freedom and success that you want.

My aim is to exceed your expectations and to make a powerful difference in helping you move forward with your business and your life.

See you in Entrepreneurial Forward! Click here to join.

Brent Haydey, Executive & Life Coach

Creating freedom for success in business in life!


Make a life, not just a living!

Brent’s gentle and inspiring coaching style… has been instrumental in helping me reach my higher potential keeping me on track when I may have not had the belief in myself to do so.

Linda Kowalski