How To Fall Asleep Fast In 1 Hour


Falling asleep fast and getting a good night’s sleep. We all crave it. We all need it.

Too many of us simply do not get it night after night and it takes a toll.

Without enough quality restorative sleep our motivation to exercise diminishes. Healthy eating gives way to fast food, take out, and unhealthy comfort foods. Productivity at work tanks as focus and concentration wanes.

Here’s an excerpt from my ebook Make It Stick that illustrates an all too common experience.

“Greg commonly worked late into the evening nibbling on snacks as he did. At times he’d have a cup of tea as well, often caffeinated black tea. He’d check his emails then head directly to bed. With his current work project running through his mind, pressures of deadlines and the next day’s schedule added stress to his thoughts as he’d try to sleep. Minutes sometimes led to hours of staring at the ceiling. The bright light of the business across the street lit up his room like the Vegas strip and the noise of people out to the wee hours just added to it all. He’d toss and turn and stress more about not falling asleep. He’d turn on the TV in his bedroom and watch for a while then try to sleep again. Eventually he would drift off only to be jolted awake by his alarm feeling sleep-deprived.”

Anything familiar about this? Most of us have elements of Greg’s experience affecting our lives in our own unique way.

Breaking your insomniac cycle will require changing your sleep environment as well as your processes of going to sleep and waking from sleep (sleep hygiene). They will take some time and some effort to put in place but, once you do, you’ll sleep better and reap all the wonderful health and work productivity benefits.

If you’re finding it hard to fall asleep then while you’re beginning to make long term sleep environment and hygiene changes here are 3 tips to get you started now!

How to fall asleep fast in 1 hour

  1. Transition – Stop working at least 1 hour before going to sleep. Dim the lights, turn off electronics, and ease yourself into sleep.
  2. Let It Go – During the transition time do a brain dump of all the things on your mind. Write them down on a notepad. Include things like thoughts on that project you were just working on or scheduling items for tomorrow or any other pressures on your mind. Take the time to mentally let everything go. Empty your mind. Use meditation or relaxed, focused breathing. Reframe negative stress into affirming that you’ve written it down so you won’t forget or you’ve got it covered and can let it go. After lights out if you notice yourself dwelling on something that is adding stress, get up, write it down, let it go, then go back to bed.
  3. No More Counting Sheep – if you cannot fall asleep, rather than lie there counting sheep or worse, stressing over not sleeping, here’s what to do. Get up! Leave your bedroom, sit quietly in a dimly lit area, be warm, and read something that is not work related and not too simulating (or do something similar). DO NOT WATCH TV. As you begin to get tired return to your bed. Try not to allow yourself to fall asleep in that spot.

Start today using these 3 steps on how to fall asleep fast in 1 hour and let them lead you into greater change of your sleep environment and sleep hygiene. Just imagine how productive you’ll become and the health benefits you’ll realize with good sleep.

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