Rear View Mirror Focus

Do you have rear view mirror focus?

When driving you’re taught to use the rear view mirror occasionally as needed while most of your focus is on what’s in front of you.

Rear View Mirror FocusThat same advice will serve you well as an entrepreneur navigating your path of creating and living your ideal life while building a thriving business that is designed to deliver the life you truly want.

The Problem With Rear View Mirror Focus

The problem is when you’re burned out, stressed, and always worried about what’s wrong or not yet there in your business or your life, your focus tends to be completely be backwards.  Your rear view mirror focus has you looking back at what’s bearing down on you. Always looking over your shoulder feeling the stress of what’s coming next.

I’ve heard a stat that suggests 80% of motivation comes from fear and keeping firmly focused on the rear view mirror. Only 20% comes from excitement and focusing forward through the front windshield in the direction you want to head.

With that mentality you’re always running from something and rarely towards something.

I get the fear factor and it can certainly be powerful in getting you started BUT if your rear view mirror focus remains for too long, you run the very real risk of veering way off course. The longer you stay off course, the longer and harder it is to adjust and return to the path you truly want.

Shifting From Rear View Mirror Focus

My suggestion is to find a balance of both where you can use fear or whatever negative emotion you are feeling to light that fire to get your butt motivated into action and then turn all of your attention forward out the front windshield of your life.

I think there’s a reason the front windshield is as big as it is in comparison to the rear view mirror. There is so much more that you need to see out in front of you. There is so much ahead to motivate and inspire when you are clearly focused on where you are going instead of where you’ve been.

Remember life is meant to be embraced, enjoyed, and fully lived.

To stay on track in doing that you must let go of the rear view mirror focus and spend most of your time focused on an inspiring and motivating path ahead.


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Karen Cloney
Capital Insurance Brokers