Repair Relationships That Matter Most

If work continues to always take precedence over those you love the most, it’s time to wake up and repair relationships that matter most to you!

It’s time to change how you’ve been viewing this way of being and why. It’s time to adjust your priorities so that work is effectively addressed but NOT at the expense of the relationships with the most important people in your world.


SPOILER ALERT – If you have not watched the February 4 Super Bowl evening episode of “This Is Us” and would not like to know anything about it in advance STOP READING NOW and come back to this post at a later date.

Why Repair Relationships

Repair RelationshipsBecause you may think you have all the time in the world. You may be caught up in that dangerous inner dialogue that has you saying “once I… (insert your work excuse or goal), then I can spend more time with or make things right with… (my spouse, my kids, or someone else important to you).

The problem is sometimes tomorrow doesn’t come.

I watched the recent emotionally charged episode of “This Is Us” and it took me back more than 20 years in my own world to when I was told the news that someone very special to me had died suddenly. All of a sudden there was no more time. No time to make up for choosing work instead of quality time. That “once I… “ attitude never actually happened and now could not. No ability to repair things that were wrong with the relationship. No more time. Period.

When that happens all kinds of emotions flood in and may continue for a long, long time. It can paralyze you and severely limit every aspect of your life, including your business. It sure did for me.

Now, sometimes there is nothing we can do to prevent a tragedy from happening. The point is that we can do something about the state of the relationships we have with the most important people in our world so that we can embrace, enjoy, and fully live in every moment we are with them.

Repair Relationships That Matter Most

Over the past number of months I have been hearing of many people who have had important people in their lives pass on and many other people who have important people in their world suffering from devastating illnesses.

A friend is in the hospital right now fighting for their life. A young family member is battling cancer. Yet another person is recovering from a stroke. My father has had a very challenging year with his health.

My advice, if you’re open to hearing it…

  • Reconnect with what matters most in your world (and stay aligned with it)
  • Reconnect with who truly matters most to you
  • Take time to understand why they matter most at a very deep level
  • Make the effort to repair relationship issues

A few more bits of advice…

  • Spend your time doing the things that fuel your passion – at work and beyond
  • Take care of your health
  • Stop sweating the small stuff
  • Don’t let work be your excuse for not creating and nurturing deep, meaningful relationships in your world
  • Be happy…  with those you love!

Life’s too short, sometimes. We all deserve to embrace, enjoy, and fully live our lives. With some effort we can do exactly that with those that matter most for as long as we have them in our lives.

Go ahead, take the first step today because you really don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

Need help? Sometimes walking down this road of change is difficult to do on your own. Contact me and I’d be happy to explore how I can help.

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