Smartest Person In The Room

Have you ever heard that old saying that if you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room? I’ve heard it in many business and professional development contexts over the years.

Essentially it’s saying that the likelihood of learning from others and benefiting from that group is lessened or non-existent if you’re “top of the class”. Instead everyone else will gain from you being there sharing your knowledge or experience.

While there may be some truth to this I do believe the even if you are the smartest person in the room you can and will learn from others if you are open to what is there for you to gain.

Smartest Person, Mastermind GroupI was recently asked this question of my mastermind groups. It went something like this…

“If I am the most experienced business person (smartest person) in the mastermind group how will I gain any value from the others? Won’t it just be a one way street where everyone else gains from my experience?”

I immediately thought of a member of one of my former mastermind groups.

The smartest person in the room in a mastermind

This particular mastermind group included an interesting mix of business types and people of varying experience and levels of success to that point. In the early weeks as different members shared their challenges and their needs for support were identified one member (lets call him Bob) was always there to share his experiences, offer strategies to consider or tools to use. Bob tended not to ask for much in terms of support early on. 

Then over some time his willingness to share seemed to dry up some. One meeting he sat there with a seemingly disinterested stare until the person in the Member Spotlight position talked about a deep and painful personal challenge they have been having with their spouse and how it was tearing them up inside and carrying over to impact their work too.

As the process continued the other members gained the level of clarification they needed to be able to support the member in the spotlight. Varying support was offered to that member that included one member sharing of their experience and how they overcame it and another member sharing a resource that they felt might help. Bob perked up considerably and listened intently during this process but said nothing. His facial expression suggested that this struck a chord with him.

Later Bob did share that this members challenge resonated very deeply with him as he was experiencing something similar in his life. He appreciated the members willingness to share openly about it and readiness to do something about it, thanked them for it, and suggested he might just be ready to take some steps of his own to address his issue.

When I asked him about it privately he shared he felt like the person asking me about my mastermind groups, that he wouldn’t gain much as the “smartest person in the room” but how that all changed in one instant.

From that pivotal moment on Bob dug deep and made significant change in his life and in his business. 

I knew all along that everyone in a mastermind group has something to gain from every other person if they are open to it. This experience showed in reality one powerful way that it can happen. That’s the beautiful thing about a properly designed and led mastermind group. 

After sharing that story the person asked to join on of my mastermind groups!

So what makes my mastermind groups unique?

My Mastermind Groups are unlike any business group you’ve been a part of. Here’s why…

  • They are professionally facilitated (while so many others are participant led)
  • Specific content is presented that is highly related to the groups purpose (education is often a key component to change)
  • They have a structure proven to deliver successful business and personal results (action and accountability focused on producing results over simply conceptual education)
  • They are limited to a maximum of 8 vetted and highly committed individuals

I personally meet with each person interested in my mastermind groups to ensure it’ll be a great fit for them and for the group. My groups are based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

For more detail on the current groups being offered click here. If you’re ready and would like to arrange to meet to discuss joining one of the groups then contact me now.

New groups are launching soon!


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