Smile – The Power Of One Small Act

Smile At Runners

The Power Of One Small Act Smile! “A smile… might mean all the difference in the world to a complete stranger.” Join Our Community Of Entrepreneurs This morning was a perfect morning for a run. With a big smile on my face I headed out the door. The sun was just making an appearance on the horizon and I could feel the warmth of another sunny summer day as I began my walking warm up. I’ve been a runner for many years now. I usually run alone and love the solitude of getting out on nature trails and running where …


Happiness, Life’s Too Short For Anything Else!


Happiness Life’s Too Short For anything else! “Are you happy?”   join our community of entrepreneurs It all starts with a simple question! Are you happy? I was reflecting on a post about happiness that I wrote way back in 2012 called “Daddy Are You Happy?” after a powerful experience with my, then, 3 year old daughter. It got me focused, once again, on what a perfect question it really is to ask on a regular basis. Are you happy? Sure your answer may be more complicated than a simple yes or no but this is where it all has …


Challenge Everything – Your Inner Child Will Lead To Your Ideal Life

Challenge Everything

Challenge Everything! Your Inner Child Will Lead To Your Ideal Life “Kids naturally had that curiosity, adults have lost it.”   Join Our Community Of Entrepreneurs It’s time, once again, to challenge everything! Do you remember as a child always asking why, over and over, about everything? You probably drove your parents nuts. Maybe your kids are doing that to you right now! Do you take the time to explain why, each and every time, allowing them to embrace that curiosity or did you get frustrated and claim “because I said so… that’s why!” I’m sure we all did that …


Lifestyle Redesign – Is It Time You Live Differently?

Reflection on Lifestyle Redesign

Lifestyle Redesign Is It Time You Lived Differently! “Change nothing, and nothing changes.” Join Our Community Of Entrepreneurs Is it time for a lifestyle redesign? Read on and I will tell you why it might be time and how to go about it. First, think about this. Whenever you experience, or someone close to you experiences, a significant event in their lives and you watch it from up close something happens inside. Maybe someone close to you dies too young or has a traumatic experience impacting their health. Perhaps people you know go through a divorce or someone’s business closes …


I’ll Sleep When I Die

Sleep Deprivation

I’ll Sleep When I Die The Entrepreneurs Call To Arms “One sleepless night, no problem, but…” join our community of entrepreneurs I’ll sleep when I die! The call to arms of the entrepreneur. One of several badges of honour business owners tend to hold tightly to and one that needs to change; big time. Do you know of a business owner with that mindset? You know, you see them in the mornings with bags under their eyes looking worse for wear. They always seem to be gulping down cup after cup of coffee every day, maybe all day. Then if …