Lifestyle Redesign – Is It Time You Live Differently?

Reflection on Lifestyle Redesign

Lifestyle Redesign Is It Time You Lived Differently! “Change nothing, and nothing changes.” Join Our Community Of Entrepreneurs Is it time for a lifestyle redesign? Read on and I will tell you why it might be time and how to go about it. First, think about this. Whenever you experience, or someone close to you experiences, a significant event in their lives and you watch it from up close something happens inside. Maybe someone close to you dies too young or has a traumatic experience impacting their health. Perhaps people you know go through a divorce or someone’s business closes …


Pandemic Fatigue – 5 Steps To Reverse Engineer Your Way Out

Pandemic Fatigue Burnout

Pandemic Fatigue 5 Steps To Reverse Engineer Your Way Out “what if you chose not to blame… anyone?” join our community of entrepreneurs Pandemic Fatigue Is Real! Pandemic fatigue is real and can have a significant impact on you and your every day experience. With some degree of worry, frustration, anger, fear, and uncertainty possibly plaguing you for well over a year now, it’s easy to understand why the fatigue is real. The question is what to do about it? While there is no easy answer I believe it is always helpful to look within to start. It’s easy to …


Finding Normalcy In The Uncertainty Of COVID

After 145 days of uncertainty, adjustment, and acceptance day in and day out… finding normalcy was something I needed and was craving.  To be honest, adjusting to all the changes needed during this pandemic has not been all that hard for me. Unlike some of my colleagues who are making wholesale changes to their businesses out of necessity, mine was already online for the most part and I have actually seen it grow over the past few months. And unlike my extrovert friends who really need a certain level of in person social connection, I’ve been okay quietly being at …