Establish Your Self Care Routine With These 3 Simple Steps

Self Care Routine

How has your self care routine been going? Started but then slid off track? You’re not alone. Sometimes, despite your best intentions and efforts, things get in your way or derail what you started. These 3 simple steps that will help you establish your self care routine by creating time, being conscious of your intentional steps, and having the support to stay on track. To Establish Your Self Care Routine Do This! Step 1: Create Time For Your Self Care Routine Stephen Covey’s book, First Things First, highlights 4 quadrants in which you spend your time. Quadrant 4 is the …

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Your Contingency Plan

Over the past week hundreds of thousands have been affected by the floods in southern Alberta. The impact will carry forth for months and perhaps years to come. Having lived and run a business for 12 years in Calgary, much of it in some of the affected areas, the devastation has touched me personally. How often has a tragic event, affecting you directly or someone you care about, led you to claim that you will make changes to prevent a similar occurrence happening to you? Someone suffering a heart attack prompting you to claim to shift your health. Someone dying …

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