compassionate force in my life

Brent Haydey

Bringing Balance

This is a tough letter to write… to try to get all of the thoughts and emotions onto one piece of paper. 

I have worked with a number of business and life coaches… and one of the things about Brent that stands out is how he never tried to convince me that working with him would make all the difference.  He simply became a very consistent and compassionate force in my life.  He readily offered time and advice without offering “free advice”.  This consistency established trust.  This trust meant that when I was ready to reach out, he was top of mind. 

He was consistent in his follow up and clear in his intent.  He was unobtrusive and shared value all the time.  Because of these things and the integrity I was able to observe in his life as he walked thought his own unique struggles – and was honest and open about those… I hired him to work with my team.

I have worked with Brent in a couple of masterminds now… and week after week I am blown away by the consistency, compassion and skill that he brings to the table. He’s dealing with unique personalities and women who are in process and he somehow manages to keep us on time, focused and moving forward. 

Just this morning he responded to an emotional share with compassion you could hear, advice she could accept and focus to move her beyond the struggle to the value of the lesson therein.

I love that I can speak the things that are on my mind and he often finesses that and brings it together or rephrases it so that it serves everyone to the fullest.  I am incredibly grateful for Brent’s presence in my life, his level of professionalism in my business and the developing friendship.

I would recommend that if you can, hire Brent.  If you can, take part in one of his masterminds.  If you can do nothing else… take him for Coffee… you will be glad you did.

Candice Smiley

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