I Love My Life!


As usual, to begin our bi-monthly coaching session, business coach Brent asked me to sum up how I was feeling that day…to which I replied: “I LOVE MY LIFE”! I was over the moon and told him so. He was pleasantly surprised and I bet pleased.

You see, I began working with Brent almost 2.5 years ago. I went to him to get help so I could get more out of my business life. And that worked, not only was my 2016 the best year in the past 14, but my personal life has soared more.

You see coach Brent thinks ‘if’ we’re really serious about ‘entrepreneurial freedom, we’ll plan our ideal lives and then plan our ideal business lives. Most coaches do the reverse, focus on business and hope that will result in an ideal life. That sequence doesn’t always work. So every two weeks we review and tweak my plans.

Each coaching call is different yet we cover the same stuff every appointment: what’s going on in my life and then what’s going on in my business life. It’s a routine that’s helped me get my priorities in clear focus…there’s no sense having a great business life if my personal life is ‘less than perfect’, what’s the point?

It’s easy working with and learning from Brent because he practices what he preaches, he’s well aware of how life challenges affect business and how business challenges affect life. The past 2.5 years with Brent have been great…I’m looking forward to the next 5!