Make a life, not just a living!

I have been fortunate to meet Brent Haydey with Entrepreneurial Freedom. It has been a pleasure and honour to be coached by Brent over the past year through his online coaching program.

I did not know how and where I was going to find the time to take advantage of his coaching expertise, but so grateful I made this choice! I love Brent’s gentle and inspiring coaching style, always reminding me to celebrate my successes big and small along my journey to achieve my ultimate goal of more balance and freedom to live a life of my dreams.

Brent has been instrumental in helping me reach my higher potential keeping me on track when I may have not had the belief in myself to do so.

If you are a busy entrepreneur and looking to achieve a healthier life balance, I would highly recommend Brent Haydey. Brent can help you “make a Life, not just a Living!”