Seeing Beyond Destination Thinking

I recently had the opportunity to attend a workshop with Brent Haydey from Entrepreneurial Freedom.

As a busy entrepreneur, wife and mother I am the first to admit that there are times when my work/life balance is upset and I lose sight of the bigger picture in why I do what I do. Brent presented valuable information and relatable stories to help me understand how important a vision is and how happiness is more about a holistic viewpoint than “destination thinking”.

Following the workshop, Brent and I sat down on a one-to-one basis and further discussed the nuances of my business and personal life. I immediately felt at ease and was very comfortable in his presence. Brent is thoughtful and full of experience and insight into the entrepreneurial world.

I would highly recommend his services as a life and executive coach to professionals who want to enjoy their life while working on and in their businesses.


Janice Baskin
Owner, Camelot Interiors