Working with Brent has been a great experience

I met Brent a few months ago and was thrilled when he announced that he was offering an Entrepreneurial Freedom workshop. I had been wanting a chance to attend and learn more about creating some work life balance and develop some new habits surrounding planning my business.

The workshop was a great event, Brent led the group through various activities and we had a chance to share some of what we were discovering about own businesses. It also gave each of us a chance to learn from each other too. Brent created a comfortable setting and made it easy for us to share and get feedback

After the workshop a group of us joined Brent’s online coaching community. It is a monthly online meeting to continue working on some of the exercises we started at the workshop.

Working with Brent has been a great experience. I appreciate the ease with which he presents each concept, uses great examples from his own experiences, and gives everyone in the group a chance to share. I’d highly recommend for anyone looking to get some coaching or to join in to one of the groups your business will thank you and you’ll be on your way to some work/life balance.