Wow this guy is my mentor

I had a chance to go see Brent Haydey’s abridged version of his life coaching services earlier in the week, and what a tour de force it was!

In brief time I went from, oh cool, this guy is my mentor, to wow! This guy is my mentor?!

Now I feel privileged to be in his hands because I was able to see first-hand what his approach to personal life and business management is. And if any of you have a chance to go to any seminars Brent might be putting on in the future, I highly recommend it!

My sentiment was not alone. Everyone who attended came away with praises. It was also a great satisfaction to see that people who were there, people that I can only look up to, they too voiced what a great perseverance and time devotion is required to run a business, sometimes too much. It gave me satisfaction to know that my own challenges are not unique, and if they are also faced by people I aspire to, then perhaps I am on the right path. It felt good to find this common thread, and it felt good to find out how to overcome it.

What Brent’s great asset is, it is his approach in planning goals so that they can be achievable, timely, aligned with all values necessary for a fulfilling life, and properly planned on multiple time scales. Everyone has always heard how goals have to be planned within specific deadlines, but Brent was able to drive home the point of how this should be actually achieved so your nebulous ideas can truly become a reality.

If you are the type of personality that thrives on well planned schedules but has struggled in their proper design, Brent will be an excellent resource and assistance to help you reach these goals.

Thank you Brent for your value you provided.

Mikolaj Raszek
Edmonton, AB, Canada