The Work Life Balance Trend

The work life balance trend might finally be taking hold. But not without breaking decades of forces pulling business owners in the other direction. For years the media, some supposed business “gurus”, and just about every business owner out there have perpetuated the story that work life balance is an unachievable myth.

Well that might finally be changing.

I was recently asked if there are any coming trends in my industry. My automatic response was to say no there really isn’t. But much of what I do is counter-intuitive to the way things have always been. In a sense I guess that, by itself, is a new trend.

Then I thought about it some more and realized that the younger generation, the millennials, are actually on board with this trend.

Work, to them, is not only about money and how high your income is. It’s that and so much more. They want a certain lifestyle. They want balance. They want to live (while working to support that lifestyle), not live to work like so many of the generations before them.

Media Still Opposes The Work Life Balance Trend

To drive home this point I have seen a Shaw Business commercial currently dominating mainstream TV.

On it entrepreneurs are happily claiming…

  • I’m a 24/7/365er
  • There’s no quit, I’m on all the time
  • It’s not my business, it’s my life

It’s an extremely dangerous message that influences an increasing number of business owners onto an unsustainable path that can lead into stress, burnout, and maybe worse!

The work life balance trend


I know the millennials have it right. Their goal is my mission. 

If you are a business owner and you resonate with the messages of that commercial please stop and try to see the unsustainable path you are on.

If you try to convince yourself that once you achieve some level of success or some milestone goal then you can slow down or hire help or regain balance, think again. That carrot will always dangle just beyond your reach because something else related to work will come up.

It will become habit. It will become unconscious habit. It will wear away at you, your health, your close relationships, and your happiness.

There is a better way and I’d be happy to help you create it. Let’s talk!

“Life is meant to be embraced, enjoyed, and fully lived; not merely endured!”

I suspect you got into business for something deeper than just the money. When you reconnect with that why then seeing your unsustainable path comes much easier.

Brent is skillful, a great listener

Brent really helped me to discover the heart of several issues that had been holding me back. I feel that I can find solutions to anything that I face.

Jen Allen