Top 10 List: Must Read Books

Do you have a top 10 list of must read books that have made an impact on you over the years? Must read books on business, marketing, leadership, personal growth as well as those that influenced your health, well being, lifestyle, and maybe even your adventurous soul. Have there been books you have just loved and would certainly read again… just because?

Continual learning is something I value and reading is one of the ways I have found to keep on learning on just about anything. Today I thought I’d share 10 books on a variety of subjects that made an impact on me for one reason or another.

If you’re looking for some must read books for this year then start right here and see if any might resonate with you.

Brent’s Must Read Books

Must Read Books - 7 HabitsThe 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – by Stephen Covey

This was the book that started my own journey of growth and change that saw me step onto the path I am now on. It influenced my approach to life and to business in many ways. I believe it’s still as relevant today as it was back then.

Start With Why – by Simon Sinek

I really love Simon’s philosophy around purpose that permeates his books and his message everywhere else it appears. Whether you are making changes related your business or applying his concepts to your life, reconnecting to your deep why is vital. 

Quiet – by Susan Cain

I am a solopreneur who works from home and am an introvert too. Susan’s work, and this book, have enlightened the world about the unique, and often under utilized, attributes introverts have, especially as powerful leaders. Great read for introverts to understand themselves better and for extroverts to understand and, perhaps relate better, to their introvert colleagues, friends, or family members.

The E-Myth Revisited – by Michael Gerber

One of those great reads that every entrepreneur ought to read before they begin in business. If you’re beyond that then it can give some great advice on things you might want to change to be more effective and more successful.

Reframe Your Blame – by Jay Fiset

Jay Fiset is a friend and former coach and mentor of mine. This book focuses on something that I believe everyone can embrace. It begins with a question. What if nobody was to blame? We do tend to need to blame someone for things that don’t go the way we hope. Whether it’s someone else or yourself. Media certainly perpetuates this. But what if nobody was to blame? Read this book to find out how much that shift in questioning can change your world.

NeilPThe Happiness Equation – by Neil Pasricha

I got a chance to meet Neil a couple of years back and to see him speak. He was amazing and someone I instantly felt philosophically aligned. Much of my work aligns with his. His book and presentations have further influenced the direction I have taken in my business and in my life.

How To Win Friends And Influence People – by Dale Carnegie

One of the classics. As I mentioned above I fit the introvert profile. However, and thanks to this book in part, I have grown quite comfortable in networking, speaking with others in various environments, and in public speaking. An introvert acting more extroverted when I need or want. Thanks to this book and Susan Cain’s book, Quiet, I have been able to embrace how I show up in various environments to work best for me and how I see and can relate to others. Game changers… both of these books.

Man’s Search For Meaning – by Victor Frankl

Having survived the Holocaust Victor Frankl drew from those horrific experiences to formulate his life’s work. In this powerful read he shares his focus on the importance of meaning in life. Meaning and purpose, leading to vision and creating change to experience one’s ideal life is at the heart of my work so naturally this book resonates for me. 

Travels – by Michael Crichton

TravelsI have always loved travel, adventure, exploration, and learning of the history and culture of far away places. When I first began down this path there were always powerful influences in my world suggesting not to go places and not to take risks. Messaging from government travel advisories, the media, or other people I know was either “don’t do that” or “I would never do that”. It was about fear, that I sometimes needed to be mindful of and other times I needed to ignore. This book was one of the reads along the way that added to my inspiration of this type of adventurous lifestyle and motivated me to follow the unbeaten path more often than not. Myself, traveling alone, and now when travelling with my family (including my daughter pretty much her whole life now) we have experienced many amazing adventures and look forward to doing even more well into the future.

Bear Attacks – Their Causes and Avoidance – by Stephen Herrero

That adventurous spirit, and overcoming fear to follow it has led to many experiences in the Canadian Rockies… bear territory. This book by University of Calgary researcher was not only fascinating but also very informative should an encounter ever happen… and it has several times for me. It’s pretty graphic with the stories of actual incidents that have occurred but I’m glad I read it. More travels into the mountains are a certainty of my future.

Steve Jobs – by Walter Isaacson

Here’s a bonus must read book. I love reading biographies and auto biographies of famous people, especially those I resonate with for some reason. After Steve Jobs death I felt compelled to read this book when it came out. Awesome read of the good, the bad, and the ugly. Being an Apple guy through and through I loved this read.

Now these are just my must read books, in fact only some of them. The ones that over the years have had an impact on me. Down the road I’ll do it again and will have a completely different list. It was hard to stop at just 10 (so I gave you 11). If any one of these speak to you and has an impact on your life or business that’ll make me very happy. 

If you’ve got a book, not on my list, that has had a powerful impact on you please feel free to comment and share it with us all. I’d love to identify my next must read books.

Enjoy and keep on learning!

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