When Weight Loss Does NOT Lead To Thriving Health

To lose weight is overwhelmingly the #1 reason people diet and/or exercise.

We, in our society, have been conditioned to believe that focusing on weight loss is the key to achieving a certain desirable look, to being healthy, and ultimately being happy.

We’ve been conditioned by the diet industry, the entertainment industry, by magazines and tabloid newspapers, and by TV shows that there is a fast track towards realizing massive weight loss just in time for…

We’ve become conditioned to believe that the number on a scale is THE measure of success in achieving health, good looks, and happiness.


It’s NOT!

iStock_000001667800MediumFor a long time now I have advocated that solely focusing on weight loss and a number on a scale will actually severely hinder your ability to release weight healthfully, achieve Thriving Health and sustain your healthy, active, and happy lifestyle forever. (Very counter intuitive, I know!)

For years I’ve stressed that the promise of every restrictive diet and quick fix solution was not sustainable and often unhealthy.

Nothing has changed!

Recently an article was written to unveil the problems with extreme weight loss in too short a time span. TV shows, magazines, and even quick fix diet solutions primarily exist for one thing… to make massive profits.

As long as our society continues to be influenced by their message they will continue to lead us down dead end paths.

Take a moment and read the article linked below. Very sad. Sad for the contestants involved.

Sad for the message likely received by a great many of the viewers of the show.

There is a better way, a healthier way. It may take longer but it will deliver significantly better results and it will last a lifetime.

Extreme Weight Loss Article Here


“Life is meant to be embraced, enjoyed and fully lived, not merely endured!”

To your health,


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